Saturday, August 30, 2008

Album Review: Akron/Family - "Love Is Simple" (2007)

The fourth, and most recent album released by the American folk-influenced experimental group, Akron/Family, is a wonderful thing. From the joyous jumpy beat of "Ed Is A Portal" to the calming, soothing sound of "Crickets" this album definitely does not disappoint as each track flows into the next. A mixture of field-recordings, white noise, and psychedelic sounds reminiscent of the sixties, alongside the vocals of Dana Janssen, Seth Olinsky, and Miles Seaton, makes this album one to get your hands on.

The opening track, "Love, Love, Love (Everyone)" combines beautiful vocals and lifts you right off the ground, as the song flows perfectly into the second track, "Ed Is A Portal". This is an album I would recommend to anyone, regardless of their musical tastes. The whole experience of the album is very human, and easy to enjoy.

1. "Love, Love, Love (Everyone)"
2. "Ed Is A Portal"
3. "Don't Be Afraid, You're Already Dead"
4. "I've Got Some Friends"
5. "Lake Song / New Ceremonial Music For Moms"
6. "There's So Many Colors"
7. "Crickets"
8. "Phenomena"
9. "Pony's O.G"
10. "Of All The Things"
11. "Love, Love, Love 2 (Reprise)"


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