Friday, August 29, 2008

Track Review: T.I. Feat. Kanye West, Jay-Z, & Lil Wayne - 'Swagger Like Us'

Yeah, I know. This track has more big-name rappers on it than there are shitty 'A Milli' freestyles, and it reeks of too many cooks in the rap kitchen. It's also produced by Kanye West. He's a world-class rapper, but when it comes to production, I think the only name that fills me with more fear is
Those are all the reasons you should be terrified of this song, and here's the reason you shouldn't: it's fucking bomb. Sampling M.I.A.'s Pineapple Express-induced chart smash 'Paper Planes', Kanye sets up a simple beat and lets some of the best rappers in the known world do all the heavy lifting. Wayne and West continue to feed their T-Pain autotune fetish, which sounds like it's getting old until you actually listen to it.
'What the fuck you boys talkin' 'bout?/I know it's us cause we the only thing to talk about' Lil Wayne spits on his show-stealing verse, which is followed by T.I. embarassing himself on what's supposed to be his own song (to appear on forthcoming album Paper Trail). He just can't hang with the stars he's brought in, which is fine because said stars carry this track without T.I.'s help.
Click the title or listen to the song here.

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