Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Track Review: Brooklyn (We Go Hard) - Jay-Z Feat. Santogold

If you ignore the 808s & Heartbreaks debacle - which I suppose we can't, but whatever - Kanye West's discography is pretty spotless. His production credits aren't quite as strong, but he's been steadily improving. 'Swagger Like Us' slayed with it's M.I.A. sample. Apparently deciding not to mess with a good thing, Kanye has now produced a new track for Jay-Z called 'Brooklyn (We Go Hard)' which samples M.I.A.-lite Santogold and her song 'Shove It'.
Luckily for West, the hook is just as addictive. 'Now please tell me what the fuck harder than this?' Jay-Z asks, and while I can think of many answers to that question, I get his point. Jigga murders the beat just like he did on 'Swagger', name-dropping Jackie Robinson, Mr.T, and Annie in a matter of minutes. His flow is smoother than usual, though; he's never been one to let a beat ride him, and he doesn't here, but [ironically] his delivery isn't as hard as normal, which works.
I'm assuming this is from a future album, so keep an eye out for it. Until then, click the title for the song.


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