Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Listen: Action Painters

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Another one from the inbox, I will now present to you three reasons why you should fall in love with Action Painters. You can then do with them what you wish, but humour me for a moment and consider these three things.

Reason #1

No explanation necessary.

Reason #2
Their new album is being produced by Peter Wade, who has worked with the likes of LL Cool J and Jennifer Lopez. This excites me, because "Control Myself" was off the fucking CHAIN. Not only does it sample Afrika Bambaataa, but you can't deny J-Lo gasping out, "You know I know you like it / Let me hit you on your sidekick / Cause the afterparty is at my body / Meet me you're invited". That shit is poetry.

Reason #3
Sweet songs. They have great pop sensibilities, and really know how to nail a hook. Their music is catchy indie rock, but still has the grassroots feel that is inescapably New York. Between these guys and The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, NY is having a pretty sweet year in my books.

Get some of their material here, and watch out for all the new stuff they've got going on in 2009.

Action Painters - "SuperMarket" (Download)


wade1der said...

That's What's up...

Anonymous said...

Nice porno.