Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Listen: Balmorhea

From Western Vinyl, the label that will soon bring us Here We Go Magic's debut, comes Balmorhea (pronounced bal-mor-ay). Fans of Bell Orchestre or This Will Destroy You will surely enjoy what this six-piece Austin, Texas band has to offer. They will be performing live later this year at the WV showcase at South By Southwest, alongwith Here We Go Magic, J. Tillman, Callers, and Mom. The song below won me over upon its first play-through, in what sounds like something straight out of a movie. It has just the right balance of downtime and climactic bursts of sound to move you in just the right way. "Harm & Boon" is a track off of their upcoming release, All is Wild, All is Silent which is set to be released on March 10th, this year. We'll surely be keeping ours eyes and ears on this group.

Balmorhea - "Harm & Boon" (Download)


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