Monday, February 16, 2009

Just Listen: Caroline Smith And The Good Night Sleeps

I just found this group today, and I'm almost scared to write about them. I know that Caroline Smith is going to be a star by the end of 2009 if her recent debut Backyard Tent Set is any indication, but I don't want to speed up that process; all of her songs just feel so personal, I don't want to share her with the world.
But alas, it is my duty. Their MySpace can be found here, and I highly recommend you check it out; listening to Caroline Smith sing - I don't know 100%, but I'm sure the Jenny Lewis and Feist comparisons are running rampant - is like having your own personal heartbreak concert, where she sings sweetly into your ear and your ear alone. Try it out.

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"Clench My Teeth"

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