Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just Listen: Tegan & Sara - "Nineteen" (Interface Sessions)

This song is off Tegan & Sara's excellent 2007 album The Con, and while we're generally all about promoting new music around here at YE-LID, sometimes you see something that you just have to pass along to the general public. And that's what this is.
The song itself is one of the highlights of the album, but this performance done for a podcast in 2007 blows the original out of the water. I've never heard the girls sound so perfect together, as if this is how the song was really meant to be heard. The lyrics appear so much more poignant, so much more relevant. The album version is all crashing guitars for the soaring chorus, but in an acoustic setting, Tegan & Sara emote the shit out of this song. When they sing, "And I was yours...right?", you can almost hear them singing the ellipses, the quiver in Tegan's voice only emphasizing the uncertainty.
"Nineteen" is special to me, mostly because I'm currently nineteen and experiencing so many of the things this song describes. I've listened to it a million times before, but hearing this version makes me feel like it's the first time and I'm falling in love all over again.
Check the clip below.

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