Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Track Review: Animal Collective - "My Girls (HATCHMATIK Disco Bootleg)"

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A blog just isn't a blog until it has digitally genuflected in the presence of Animal Collective, so here it goes: ever since I heard "My Girls" (a.k.a. the best song of 2009), I knew it was perfection. The only way to describe it is pure joy. No other adjective quite explains the high you can get just by listening to that song at high volume in headphones.
That said, there was one thing I knew it needed as its little sidekick: a killer dance remix. All the elements were already in place, and some smart deejay just had to do a little tweaking to make it blow up on dancefloors everywhere. A few have tried to do this, but it's taken a Canadian to finally succeed. Thank you, HATCHMATIK. You don't know how much it kills me to write your name in all caps like that, but because you've given me an early birthday present, I'll forgive you for now.
Here, the original "My Girls" is left mostly intact, with a couple major differences. The first is a four-to-the-floor drum pattern to give it that disco flavour. The second, and most important, is the addictive-as-sin techno hook he's added in to keep the entire piece as one. When all the parts are put together, it makes a simplistic yet excellent remix that I really want to sneak into a party setting so I can get a kick out of seeing my friends unknowingly dance to Animal Collective.
This isn't being released as a single, but you can buy AC's latest record, Merriweather Post Pavilion, here.

EDITED TO ADD: We criminally didn't include Hatchmatik's MySpace when we posted this. So there you go. Shit is bangin'.

"My Girls (HATCHMATIK Disco Bootleg)"

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Hatch said...

u didnt have to write my name in caps :)