Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Track Review: The Cool Kids - "Black Mags" & "Pennies"

Holy shit.
What the fuck are black mags? I googled it, and I think it has something to do with BMX bikes, which explains the video. But seriously, who cares? Cool Kids are tearing up the planet (or at least are going to in the near future if first single "Pennies" from their debut album is any indication).
I completely missed out on their 2008 EP The Bake Sale, which makes me hate my life a little bit because "Black Mags" apparently was on it and it's currently blowing my mind. The beat is all old-school gangsterism, if that even existed, and if not Cool Kids are creating it.
"Pennies" is equally mindblowing, like "Drop It Like It's Hot" with more of a street vibe than a club vibe. You know a song has balls when it can legitimately stop the beat and play nothing but whistling for thirteen seconds. Oh, and that beat. The bass drowns you in its infinite badass-ness, and I feel fine creating all these words because these songs deserve more hyperbole than is currently offered by the English language.
Check the videos below. Their debut full-length has a title (When Fish Ride Bicycles) but no release date, so you know YE-LID will keep you updated on our new favourite rappers.

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