Friday, February 13, 2009

Track Review: Does It Offend You, Yeah? - "With A Heavy Heart"

I want to hate this song so much. More than you could possibly understand. My brain is screaming, "Turn this shit off. They're Justice clones, and only Justice is allowed to be Justice. Unless you're Daft Punk."
Whatever. While my conscience isn't letting me check out their entire debut album, I'm allowing myself to enjoy "With A Heavy Heart" because it's just It's like some drunk frat boy made a Justice vs. The Rapture mash-up and it came out as this glorious mess. It's all guitar riffs and synth bleeps and hand claps and unintelligble vocals until it climaxes into one giant mindfuck of dirty dancefloor epic-ness.
It's gotten a lot of exposure as the track that closed the hot final scene in the most recent episode of Gossip Girl. It was the perfect song choice, really; "With A Heavy Heart" is steamy and sweaty, and as far as guilty pleasures go, Gossip Girl and this track rank quite highly.
Forget the caveats. Yes, this band probably does suck. Yes, you could remove the vocals, say this was by Justice, and no one would know the difference. Yes, it's biggest claim to fame right now is Gossip Girl. Just give a big middle finger to everything and shake your ass like I know you want to.

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