Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Track Review: Metric - "Help, I'm Alive"

Metric's new album, Fantasies, hits stores April 14 (and the Internet who knows when; hopefully sooner rather than later). In the meantime, we have first single "Help, I'm Alive" which doesn't disappoint.
Metric enjoy their big choruses - see: "Monster Hospital" - and this one's a doozy. The song starts off sounding pretty standard, maybe even a little boring...and then the chorus hits, and the tempo changes, and Emily Haines starts yelling something about her heart beating like a hammmmmmmmmer, and the crowd goes wild.
It's a solid first single that's going to please Metric fans, and I think the hook is catchy enough that it might even bring them in some new recruits. Haines is one of the most dynamic frontwomen - hell, one of the most dynamic frontpeople of any gender - in indie rock, and the song fits her vocal capabilities like a glove. Here's hoping for more of the same when the album drops.

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