Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Worth A Listen: Junior Boys – “Hazel”

I have always had a soft spot for good electro-pop, and Junior Boys hit it hard. So you can imagine my excitement at the release of their third album, Begone Dull Care. It shall hit stores in Canada on March 28th, making this the first Junior Boys LP in nearly three years. The lead single is “Hazel” and it marks a tightening in Junior Boys’ sound while at the same time being basically more of everything that makes me love the Junior Boys. The track is more vocally dense, and they are more confidently and soulfully delivered but still breeze over the instrumentals like they should. The rhythm is a little more conventional than usual, but it gives the tune a more stable feel than that provided by some of the more skittery beats that they are sometimes fond of . The synths are sounding great on this song too, nice and sharp, and they really mesh into the beat well. My only complaint about some Junior Boys songs is their lengthiness, but a nice bridge-type arrangement at about 3:30 breaks it up nicely. Add a little bit more bottom end and increase the tempo slightly, and you’ve got yourself a dance remix, although this track could be itself considered more electro-dance than electro-pop. If a remix comes up (and it will,) I’ll be sure to pass it along.

The track list for the Begone Dull Care is as follows:

•Parallel Lines
•Bits And Pieces
•Dull To Pause
•Sneak A Picture
•The Animator
•What It's For

“Hazel” is not yet available as a download anywhere on the Internet, free or otherwise, so for now you’ll have to settle for checking it out on their myspace page. Happy listening!

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