Monday, February 23, 2009

Worth A Quick Mention: Will Currie and The Country French

Close to two years ago, I went out to a little club to see then-nobodies Tokyo Police Club. While their set lasted scarcely longer than their 7-song debut A Lesson In Crime, everybody left the venue talking about the opening band, Will Currie And The Country French. The little stage was as full as I had ever seen, replete with an array of keyboards, guitars and assorted percussion. No less than six people slinked between the instruments and began to play. Highly melodious, sometimes rambunctious, and always fun and memorable, this is indie pop/rock owing an equally large debt to both The Meligrove Band and British indie pop (The Kaiser Chiefs et al.). The band is based at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario but is now starting to make waves abroad, playing shows with power-pop veterans Sloan and more recently a new rash of gigs with Tokyo Police Club. Check out their myspace page to listen to a few of their tracks and to keep updated on their new release Novels, due out sometime this spring. Also below is a link to download the single “Surprising Me” from their previous album A Great Stage. With a little luck, these guys could be pretty big. Happy listening!

”Surprising Me” (free download and video)

"Surprising Me "

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