Thursday, February 26, 2009

YE-LID News: Phoenix Album Details (And Apparently Posting A Free MP3 From A Band's Website Breaks The Law, Or Something)

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Je suis confuse.
Before I get to the really important part of this post (ZOMG PHOENIX), I wanted to take the opportunity to give a link to that French band's website so you can listen to the mp3 of my second favourite song of the year so far, "1901". We had a post about its awesomeness earlier, which for some reason got taken down for breaking American copyright law. Even though the band is giving it away for free. Whatever.
But yeah, we have some more Phoenix news for you: album release details! Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix will be available May 25 via Glassnote, and first single "Lisztomania" will be out sometime before then. Yeah, "1901" wasn't even a single. As in, they believe there are better songs for public consumption on this record. Holy fuck, I need this album.
Still nowhere to pre-order, but jump on that shit like a trampoline the second it appears.


01 Lisztomania
02 1901
03 Fences
04 Love Like A Sunset Pt. 1
05 Love Like A Sunset Pt. 2
06 Lasso
07 Rome
08 Countdown
09 Girlfriend
10 Armistice

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