Thursday, March 19, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Flo-Rida - "Right Round"

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I'm going to start a new feature here at YE-LID. It's goal? To allow us the opportunity to dismount our high horses for a few moments and take a look at what all those petty commoners are listening to. Billboard updates its Hot 100 every Thursday, so I've decided to do a weekly post just to mention one song that is doing particularly well on the charts.
This week's edition goes to he of "Low" fame, Flo-Rida. His new Dead Or Alive sampling single "Right Round" has been number one for a pretty impressive five straight weeks. Does it deserve to be there?
Well, kind of. If you're listening to it while laying in bed with no intention of going to a dance party anytime soon - as I am currently - it can get a little grating after a few listens. That said, if its Friday night at the bar and you've been eye-fucking someone all night and this song comes on, it's probably your new fav.
The track is alright, but pretty vapid overall. Flo-Rida is an embarassingly terrible rapper (not to mention a total douche; seriously, just look at that picture, or consider the fact that he legitimately calls himself FLO-RIDA), so the only thing making this song even moderately enjoyable is a decent hook. It's pretty standard club fare, which is what made "Low" so popular and is what will continue to make "Right Round" successful. But like I said: take in small doses. When reviewing a song I like to have it on repeat while writing, which means this has been playing on my computer for a little while. POOR DECISION.
I don't have a stream for you (which is probably ideal) because apparently Flo-Rida's reps are being absolute Internet nazis; the official video has been out for a little while now, and they're still not letting it appear on YouTube. But just go to a club or turn on the radio and it won't be that hard to find.

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