Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just Listen: Kingsbury

Florida-based four piece, post-rock band, Kingsbury, made its way into my head with the mellow track, "Back in the Orange Grove" from their newly released Lie To Me [EP], which you can check out and download here for free, courtesy of the band. Don't you love digital music distribution? I sure do.

As a direct follow up to their first LP, The Great Compromise (which you can also get for free online, right here), Lie To Me incorporates some great piano, slightly entrancing guitar melodies, and vocal melodies reminiscent of Nick Cave on a good day. The song below stood out more than any other to me, on the EP. Fans of vocally prominent piano rock / post-rock will enjoy this. Check them out at their recently rebuilt website, right here.

Have a good one guys, I'm going to go listen to this song on repeat for a while. Oh, and "As I See It" is a pretty rockin' post-rock tune as well.

Kingsbury - "Back in the Orange Grove" (Download)

Kingsbury - "As I See It" (Download)

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