Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just Listen: Lightning Inside You

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I love independent music, because while it can be difficult to find, the rewarding feeling one gets from discovering something truly special and knowing that few have uncovered it yet is unparalleled. Such was the feeling I got when I stumbled upon quiet three-piece Lightning Inside You.
They just recently released their debut EP entitled Agony Of The Leave. It was self-produced and it shows, with each track sounding very fragile and personal. There's no bombastic backing instrumentation here, which I enjoy. The spare sound gives room for these songs - and these are songs, in the truest sense of the word - to breathe and grow and develop like vines up the side of an old stone house.
Lightning Inside You are like that old safety blanket you had when you were a kid that you never used to let go of. It's now frayed and torn, but it also doubles as a calming reminder of simpler times and a painful reminder that you'll never get those times back. This band has that effect on me, which explains why "Together, We Make A Compass" has been on repeat on my iTunes for a while now.
Enjoy the mp3 below, and pick up the EP here.

Lightning Inside You - "Together, We Make A Compass" (Download)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome review. The imagery you create is so real. I love this song too!