Thursday, March 26, 2009

They Could Be Famous: Young Rival

On my way to checking out Tokyo Police Club in concert last Saturday, I, like many of the other attendees, was thinking very little about the opening band. I mean, it’s Tokyo Police Club. Can’t they just play their set twice with a breather in between? Anyways, I read on a poster that the opening band would be a group called Young Rival, and I shrugged it off with some indifference. Whatever.

However, this indifference changed almost immediately to interest once they picked up their instruments. Imagine The Hives with better guitars and fewer stage antics. They got the crowd moving and gave Tokyo Police Club a warmed-up audience, but it was more than music with a good beat; there was something else in there that persuaded me to purchase their 6-song EP for a paltry $10.

Fortunately, it was money well spent. Once this four-piece from Hamilton turns their amps down from 11 and steps into the studio, the vision and musicality of Young Rival comes to the forefront, and while the end result may be less appealing to someone who just wants to shake their ass to a beat than, say, their live show, it certainly gives the discerning music connoisseur (that would be you, beloved YE-LID reader) a bit more to chew on.

First off, the guitars sound great, jangly but deep. Better still, they provide an awesome sonic contrast to the near-falsetto male vocals, along with the quasi-bluesy guitar breaks which show up occasionally. Any fans of Ambulance Ltd. will surely appreciate my personal favourite “4:15”, available for download and in streaming audio below. Get acquainted with them now before Tokyo Police Club opens for them. Happy listening!

4:15 (download)

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