Saturday, March 14, 2009

Track Review: Day26 Feat. Yung Joc & Diddy - "Imma Put It On Her"

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We really havn't mentioned much rap or R&B around these parts lately, so here's some more good stuff for y'all.
I was watching an extra hilarious episode of Making The Band the other day, which follows Diddy produced groups Day26 and the now broken up Danity Kane on their quest to become R&B SUPASTAHS. It's entertainment value is pretty high, if only because you get to witness the minor miracle of Diddy's ego actually being contained by your television screen.
But yeah, so I was watching this episode. And at the commercial break, Diddy came on screaming something about a new Day26 single. Frankly, I'd never heard anything by Day26, so I decided to check it.
Holy shit.
"Imma Put It On Her" (off the forthcoming Forever In A Day) is a lot like Usher's epic "Love In This Club", which you may recall made our top songs of 2008 list. The beat takes the vibe from that song and adds some big drums and an electric guitar background to put a different spin on it. Plus, if nothing else, these guys are seriously talented singers. The vocal hook on the chorus is so addictive that I wouldn't be at all shocked if someone told me The-Dream wrote this, though I'm 99% sure he didn't.
The caveats are that it features the vapid Yung Joc (who, to be fair, doesn't fuck this up too badly) and Diddy himself. Ugh. For real, stop listening to this song the second his voice appears in the later half. It's as if he was in the studio watching them record this and was like, "Oh shit, this song by Diddy's group is good. Diddy like. Diddy must rap on this because Diddy is Diddy. Where Diddy's ghostwriters at? DIDDY OUT."
So yeah, this is my guilty pleasure of the day. I'm not going to give a download link, mostly because I fear the wrath of Diddy (and copyright law). However, I will post a YouTube clip below; most of the ones containing this song have been dropping like flies, but I'm pretty sure this one will hang around because it was uploaded by Diddy's channel and begins with him talking about his greatness for about a minute. But trust me: make it through that, and it'll be well worth it.

BONUS: I don't know what the fuck this "I Am King" contest Diddy has going on is, but the entries are HILARIOUS. Highlights from this video...

- "What makes me king? Of course, my extraordinary swag."
- *terrible melisma* "My ability to sing, you know."
- "I'm a gangster/gentlement."
- "When people look into my eyes, I want them to I want them to see the next president."
- "I'm not gonna come out here and make babies and do drugs and do all that."

Spend an afternoon watching some of these if you want one fucking awesome afternoon.

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