Thursday, March 26, 2009

Track Review: Junior Boys - "What It's For"

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If I had to describe new Junior Boys album Begone Dull Care in one word, I would choose "pretty". Songs flow along slowly but surely, bleeps and drums moving gorgeously across the luscious landscapes that Junior Boys create. The record is swiss-army-knife-like in nature; at times it's a relaxing album, at times it's a break-up album, at times it's a dance album.
Album closer "What It's For" falls into the first the first two categories. It moves assuredly forward, discussing matters of the heart (which constitutes the "it" of the title). It uses two ends of the spectrum - "women like you" and "men like me" - to describe a break-up, but it's not aggressive sounding. The slow pace of the song gives off the sense that he's seen all of it before and is just so used to it that it doesn't affect him anymore. Part way through it gets a little louder and Dntel-ish as if he's starting to feel something, but then it disappears just as quickly as it came about and he's back to apathy.
Pre-order this and the other beautiful songs on Begone Dull Care here.

Junior Boys - "What It's For" (Download)

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