Monday, March 30, 2009

Track Review: Lucky Soul - "Whoa Billy!"

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For all of my indie rock sensibilities, I have one major weakness: 60s girl groups, or modern artists who try and emulate them. Because of this, I considered The Pipettes 2006 release We Are The Pipettes to be the second best record of that year and a damn near perfect pop album. Lucky Soul is another band who fits this description. Predictably, 2007 album The Great Unwanted also was near the top of my Best Of list.
Lucky Soul has re-entered my life with new single "Whoa Billy!" from an upcoming-but-unannounced new album, and naturally I adore it. It's everything that made them so great before: throwback melodies, delicious harmonies, and enough Spector-ish tendencies to make a guy like me melt. "What am I to do?" vocalist Ali Howard sings, while bemoaning her insecurites and Billy's lackthereof. Put it all together with a giant, polka-dot bow and you've got one scrumptious package.
Like I said, there aren't any concrete album details yet (rumours say the release date may be in June), but we'll get them to you as soon as they appear.

Lucky Soul - "Whoa Billy!" (Download)

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