Saturday, March 21, 2009

Track Review: Metric - "Twilight Galaxy"

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In my humble blogger opinion, Metric is at their best when Emily Haines' vocals are given free reign on a song. She's clearly the star here. Want proof? Compare her haunting solo material to the giant bag of shit that consummates when the rest of her band decides to make music without her.
It's no surprise, then, that the best track on stellar new album Fantasies is the one that gives Haines the most room to breathe. "Twilight Galaxy" is a minimal stunner that recalls Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? standout "Calculation Theme" in the way that it surrounds Haines with a keyboard and then lets her voice do the heavy lifting. It's the perfect album centrepiece, an excellent compliment to some of the fast-paced rockers that surround it.
Between Animal Collective, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Camera Obscura, and now Metric, high profile bands are not disappointing in 2009. Pre-order Fantasies here.

Metric - "Twilight Galaxy" (Download)


roygbiv said...

hey Bang Lime isn't really all that bad, give it a break :(

it's a slightly different direction for those musicians and honestly i don't agree that its a bad one

Beto said...

I love "Twilight Galaxy". It's so beautiful; the lyrics are amazing. Bang Lime isn't that bad, not saying it's great, but it has potential.