Tuesday, March 10, 2009

YE-LID News: Great Lake Swimmers – Lost Channels

As far as consistency and quality is concerned, few bands provide more bang for my buck than Great Lake Swimmers. Their hushed folk sound is both mesmerizing and introspective, and the prospect of a new GLS album is always exciting. Alas, I’m proud to report that Lost Channels will be available for sale on March 31st, and it should be a good one. They played a few of the new tracks at their recent-ish performance at Hillside Inside, and they were sounding great. Not a grand departure from the band’s previous sound mind you, but as far as I’m concerned, more of the same from Great Lake Swimmers is well, great. You can hear and download the lead single from Lost Channels, “Pulling On A Line” below. A fuller arrangement than what they usually deal with, but overall they deliver more of what they’re best at. Can you say “radio-friendly”? Happy listening!

Lost Channels tracklisting:
1. Palmistry 2:32
2. Everything Is Moving So Fast 4:19
3. Pulling On A Line 3:18
4. Concrete Heart 3:31
5. She Comes To Me In Dreams 4:02
6. The Chorus In The Underground 3:20
7. Singer Castle Bells 0:48
8. Stealing Tomorrow 2:50
9. Still 2:50
10. New Light 3:18
11. River’s Edge 4:17
12. Unison Falling Into Harmony 3:25

Pulling On A Line (download)

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