Saturday, March 14, 2009

YE-LID News: We Wrote About Rich Boy's Awesome New Shit Before They Did

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In early February, we made a post about a new song by young rapper Rich Boy called "Drop". I had a little blogasm over it, and "Drop" deserved every bit of it (best line: "You don't need a gym class / Crack like SlimFast / Take a hit and lose a fuckin' hundred pounds quick fast"; that is one giant LMAO, all caps). Shit is ballin'.
Well, turns out that a month later some other major online music outlets (Pitchfork and Cokemachineglow, to name a couple) have just discovered how truly ballin' this shit is, and have recently written glowing reviews. Welcome to the party, world. Even though you're hilariously late.
Now, just to prove how ahead of the curve YE-LID is, I'm now going to mention Rich Boy's latest banger so that other sites can write about it in May and we can laugh at them again. "Swagg" goes from the streets to the club, and is frankly the sort of dance-rap track that I never thought Rich Boy could pull off. Turns out he can.
In a year where I'm yet to be impressed by too much of the rap world's output, Rich Boy's upcoming album is officially one of my most anticipated.

Rich Boy - Swagg (Download)

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