Thursday, April 30, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Kelly Clarkson - "I Do Not Hook Up"

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I had a lot to choose from in this (late) edition of Billboard Thursday. The Dave Matthews Band released a new single that premiered really high, but it was so awful in its Maroon 5-ness that I just couldn't write about it. I'm usually comfortable with writing about awful things, but this was not even the fun kind of awful. It's like...fuck, it's so boring I can't even come up with an interesting simile. Moving right along.
Kelly Clarkson was option number two, and I love me some Kelly, so I've landed on "I Do Not Hook Up" as my topic this week (though the lack of embeddable YouTube videos got me so frustrated that I almost switched to Jeremih's awful-in-the-not-boring-way "Birthday Sex"; seriously, it's called "Birthday Sex"). Not only do I love me some Kelly, but I love me some Katy Perry, who wrote the song. I enjoy Perry in the same way I do Lily Allen, in that their personalities are so outrageous that it overshadows the fact that their music likely isn't that good. Thank you, Billboard Thursday, for allowing me to revel in my guilty pleasures.
But yes, back to Kelly. Her first single "My Life Would Suck Without You" was a brilliant piece of bubblegum pop, and it set some Billboard records in its rise to the top. "I Do Not Hook Up" is in a similar vein, but it takes a different route; it's still catchy as hell, but it puts more emphasis on the rock side of things than the pop side, which suits Kelly's voice perfectly. She stands out the most when she's screaming, because for some reason when she screams it still sounds good.
The track's not gonna help her retain any of the indie cred she's built up recently, but it's another earworm of the highest degree, and I wouldn't be the least bit shocked if this was her second number one hit off the new album. The video (which I finally found an embeddable version of; the things I do for you people) is pretty hilarious, too.

Kelly Clarkson - I Do Not Hook Up

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just Listen: So I'm Jo

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I love my inbox. It's like a present I get to open daily, and who doesn't want Christmas every day of the week? Okay, purveyors of religions that don't celebrate Christmas, there's you. But whatever, gifts are fucking sweet.
My latest gift comes from Australia's own So I'm Jo, a bedroom electronica duo that could be mistaken for YE-LID favs Junior Boys if you're not wearing your thick-rimmed hipster glasses. Also like Junior Boys, they're not a one trick pony; yes, I've labeled them as "bedroom electronica", but they aren't afraid to get out on the dancefloor a little either, and they definitely have varying influences. Full of potential, these ones are.
Check the mp3 below, and to all our Australian readers (of which I'm sure there are many, who are we kidding): make sure to catch them live if you get the chance, as they'll definitely be on the road.

So I'm Jo - "Waiting For Time" (Download)

Video Of The Week: Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden - "Bonkers"

Some people think we're bonkers, and I'll have to agree. We're bonkers about Dizzee's new track with Armand Van Helden. This week's VotW is the official music video to "Bonkers" off of Dizzee Rascal's forthcoming album Tongue 'n' Cheek. It's refreshing to say the least. Check it to the right or to the floor.

Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden - "Bonkers"


Show Stopper: "M. Ward Ward Ward Ward Ward"

Last night, I managed to see M. Ward perform at The Phoenix in Toronto and let me tell you, it was breathtaking. Each and every song had so much emotion and it was just flowing straight into the audience. Matt Ward has such great moxie, and it is clear how much fun he is having on stage with his band mates and how well he knows his stuff. A show filled with awesome improvisation and a few covers (one being "Roll Over Beethoven", which by the way had to have been the best version of that song I have yet to hear). Overall, just having the chance to hear "Fisher of Men", "Hold Time" and so many others performed live made my night. The opening act, Joe Pug, was a lyrical treat. I recommend checking his stuff out as well, he's got a very Bob Dylan-esque songwriting style going for him, and that my friends is something I do like.

Buy "Hold Time" Here
M. Ward - "Fisher of Men" (Download)

Tonight however, I got a chance to see Shout Out Out Out Out for their CD Release Party at Starlight in Waterloo for the first time. They shook me. I didn't expect what I had coming and Reintegration Time is surely an album you cannot miss. A wonderful vocoder-style voice, synths surrounding your body and two drummers who never miss a beat and stay in sync for the whole show. The opening acts, The Cansecos and Smalltown DJs were great. The Cansecos showed me the true meaning of disco with their near 10 minute final song and really got me going, also Smalltown DJs threw down some great tracks and a ferocious remix of Aretha Franklin's "Respect".

Buy "Reintegration Time" Here
Shout Out Out Out Out - "In the End It's Your Friends" (Download)

Oh concerts, please continue to make me love music as much as I do.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

YE-LID News: I <3 Passion Pit

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If there is one album that can come close to my anticipation of the new Phoenix (I try to mention Phoenix whenever possible), it's the new Passion Pit. I thought they were an interesting group until I recently heard "I've Got Your Number" off their 2008 debut EP Chunk Of Change , and then they became a very interesting group. Their mix of raw electronic energy and Postal Service-esque heart-on-sleeveness is to die for, and early singles from their upcoming first full-length deliver on every bit of promise.
Via Stereogum, Manners is due out May 19 in North America. I, for one, am stoked.


01 Make Light
02 Little Secrets
03 Moth's Wings
04 The Reeling
05 Eyes as Candles
06 Swimming in the Flood
07 Folds in Your Hands
08 To Kingdom Come
09 Sleepyhead
10 Let Your Love Grow Tall
11 Seaweed Song

PS - Today, I noticed that Passion Pit played a show in Ottawa while I was still at school on April 2, a Thursday night in which I was likely doing nothing since Harper's Island hadn't even started airing yet. FML.

Passion Pit - "I've Got Your Number" (Download)

Worth A Listen: The Love Language - "Equinox"

“Equinox” by The Love Language may have the sound of many parts coming together to form one, but the act contains seven members only when in tour formation – the studio recordings are the work of a single man, Stuart McLamb. Perhaps the title “studio recordings” is even a bit generous; this was mostly recorded in a bedroom, a dining room and a tin shed. The result is a glorious lo-fi sound in the tradition of Pavement and more recently, Chad VanGaalen. Since I adore Pavement and Chad VanGaalen, I find this rather awesome and love the character that it adds to the catchy melody and snappy percussion. A break-down in the middle of the track threatens to burst the song apart at it’s seams, but it ultimately provides a contrast for when the blissful coherency returns. Watch out for the self-titled debut album coming soon, but until then the streaming audio and download of “Equinox” below should hold you over. Happy listening!

Equinox (download)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Eminem - "We Made You"

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I've written about the wackness of Eminem's latest comeback effort before, and the lame train just keeps on rolling with new single "We Made You" (aka "Ass Like That: 2009 Remix"), which premiered at #9 on Billboard's Hot 100.
I just don't see the appeal of the songs he's released thus far. "Crack A Bottle" was lazy and uninspired, and "We Made You" is a five-minute onslaught of tired celebrity jokes. I mean, Amy Winehouse? Kim Kardashian's ass? What's next, Helen Keller punchlines?
The beat is Dr. Dre 101, with some horns, piano stabs, and drums to carry it along. What's exciting about any of this? We've heard it all before, from Slim and others since. It's only moderately catchy, and it's certainly not a club tune. All "We Made You" has going for it is Eminem's name recognition, and for me that's just not enough anymore. America clearly doesn't feel the same way yet, but in a perfect world "We Made You" will follow the lead of "Crack A Bottle" and have a meteoric drop down the charts.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Video Of The Week - Matt and Kim - "Lessons Learned"

This week's music video is from musical duo, Matt and Kim, and it is quite a brilliant one. We at YELID love what they've done with it. Check it out to your right or here.

Matt and Kim - "Lessons Learned"

Directed by: Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Track Review: Clipse Is, Um, Kinda Like A Big Deal

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The thing about highly celebrated Clipse album Hell Hath No Fury is that it still sounds as fresh today as it was a couple years a go. It really is legendary; they had the audacity to drop the most monstrous record the rap world had seen in quite some time at the end of November, when most critics already had their "Best Of" lists all neatly organized. In an industry where writers are hesitant to proclaim an album as historic mere weeks after its release, it's a testament to the album's greatness that it still topped many of those lists.
But that's just what Clipse does: stir shit up, rhyme about coke, and roll around in the very profitable aftermath. "How you count our money? / We ain't even finished countin'," Pusha T growls on the chorus of new single "Kinda Like A Big Deal". It's as epic as you'd expect, providing a booming beat with DJ Khalil on production duties. And what do you do to make the most highly anticipated rap single of 2009 even doper? Invite Kanye on the track and let him make jokes about pregnancy and premature ejaculation. My pleasure censors are overloading.
New album Till The Casket Drops arrives sometime this year, but I'm sure you'll hear about it. It'll kinda be like a big deal.

Clipse Feat. Kanye West - "Kinda Like A Big Deal" (Download)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Check It Out: The Mod Wolves - "Bed Of Lies" (video)

Dearest readers,
Aside from being a YE-LID contributor, I also play bass in an indie-rock band known as The Mod Wolves. We have just completed a music video to accompany our tune "Bed Of Lies", which appears on our Sheep In Wolf's Clothing EP. If you have a moment, check it out below and let us know what you think. You can also download the track below and check out some other tunes on our myspace, if you're so inclined.

Apologies for this shameless self-promotion,

“Bed Of Lies” (download)

Track Review: Tim Exile - "There's Nothing Left of Me but Her and This"

Tim Exile's new album, Listening Tree (released this past March 17th) to be honest, didn't really do it for me. It didn't rub my bubbles, so to speak. However, after giving it a few listens, it started speaking to me in Tim's eerie looming voice. Specifically, the semi-instrumental fourth track "There's Nothing Left of Me but Her and This". The bass that pumps along throughout this track is flooring, it really hits you. The song is mainly a group of similar, yet subtly different synth melodies weaving throughout a catchy beat, stuttering scratches, bright squeaks and the occasional extended wispy vocal / heavy breathing. Then about halfway through, Tim Exile gradually smothers the track in a pillow of noise, in an attempt to suffocate the beat. An interesting way to close out the song.

Listening Tree
is perfect for those of you who are looking for some slightly different, yet unpredictable Electronic / IDM music. You can buy your copy right here.

Tim Exile - "There's Nothing Left of Me but Her and This" (Download)

Worth A Listen: You Look Like You Need A Hug...Or Disco Ruido

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If this song doesn't brighten up your day, then you have no soul.
It's the most random of successes: some band from Mexico called Disco Ruido samples the Beatles, makes an uplifting, Flaming Lips-esque track, and ends up #1 on the Hype Machine. The song is called "Mrs. Love" for fuck's sake, it's impossible not to adore. I sense an Apple commercial in their future.
This is a really stressful time of year for a lot of people my age, so let this song put a smile on your face before the inevitable return to the life hatred exam period brings.

Disco Ruido - "Mrs. Love" (Download)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just Listen: New Deerhunter + Black Moth Super Rainbow Tracks

Upon my usual travels, I came across two gems.

This first track is off of Deerhunter's upcoming EP release, Rainwater Cassette Exchange, out May 18th on 4AD and Kranky respectively. A very mellow bass-driven tune with some great lyrics. Definitely, give it a listen if you are a fan of their previous stuff. Very "Agoraphobia"-esque.

Deerhunter - "Rainwater Cassette Exchange" (Download)


This second track is off of Black Moth Super Rainbow's upcoming LP, Eating Us, to be released May 26th on Graveface. A quite happy, yet subdued melody with some catchy drums. BMSR has taken a slightly different direction from the stuff on Dandelion Gum, but it's not a bad one. This song just makes me think of good weather. Something about this song really gets me excited for the whole LP.

Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Born on a Day The Sun Didn’t Rise" (Download)

Worth A Listen: Fischerspooner - "Supply and Demand"

Whilst trolling the Internet (I have a dial-up connection, so I use the term quite literally), I came across an interesting-sounding act known as Fischerspooner, an art-pop “project” comprised of two folks whose respective last names were Fischer and Spooner. Perhaps I should have heard of them before now, as their myspace has nearly 2 million hits, and they seem to have a pretty dedicated following. They also have an album coming out in May! This sounded like prime YE-LID material, dear readers, so I surrendered half an hour of my life in order to download a tune called “Supply and Demand”.

I must admit that expectations were high. The self-hyping that Fischerspooner doles out is quite convincing, and consequently I expected something pretty revolutionary. Based on my almost tangible anticipation, it comes off as almost a compliment that I was only half disappointed. This song is not going to change your life, move you to tears or inspire you to call up an old friend. It’s a dancey electro-pop song created well within the boundaries of anything that has been done before. However, Fischerspooner still manage to do this quite well - cool beat, catchy synths and at 4:30 in length, it gives ample time to boogie down but it’s not so long that it gets tiresome. Keep posted to their myspace for upcoming details of their release of their third LP Entertainment, due out in May. May I recommend you check out the streaming audio and download below? Happy listening!

Supply and Demand (download)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

YE-LID News: All We Care About Is Sex And Violence

It's the middle of finals season right now. I'm in the library, and am supposed to be reading about media institutions or some shit. However, I've discovered that Dizzee Rascal has started playing this new track at his shows called "Bonkers". It's produced by Armand Van Helden (yes, that Armand Van Helden), and while it's obvious that the song is a response to no one in North America giving a flying fuck about his music, there's something really addictive about it.
Going from grime to straight up dance music reeks of desperation, but if his new album is filled with tracks this fun, I'll let him sellout. There's a video of him doing it live below; you can almost feel the crowd letting out a loud, "WTF?" when the song starts before no longer caring that this sounds nothing like Dizzee Rascal and just losing their shit when the beat really kicks in. You also may or may not be able to find the mp3 if you google search it (but you didn't hear it from us). We'll post it when it's not wildly illegal to do so.

Billboard Thursday: Keri Hilson Feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo - "Knock You Down"

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There were a few big gainers on the charts this week. The biggest was the most confusing dance-along tune ever.

WTF? I'd need like six years of contemporary jazz training to perform that routine. Who knew I could miss the macarena.
In any case, my favourite riser is Keri Hilson's automatic hit "Knock You Down". Her rise to prominence hasn't been an easy one (she hasn't had too much success outside of "Turnin Me On", which I adored but a lot of people didn't), but if we're to compare her to Rihanna like a lot of people seem to do, then this is Keri's "Umbrella". It probably won't be as celebrated as that megahit, but I fully expect "Knock You Down" to hit #1 at some point.
It's just so pleasing to listen to, and it has the shimmery vibe that should make it a summer smash. Keri's voice isn't great, but she sings capably here, and when you have Kanye and Ne-Yo on the track your voice doesn't really have to stand out too much, anyways.
Check the mp3 and video below.

Keri Hilson Feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo - "Knock You Down" (Download)
Because of our filehosting problems and the fact that we havn't yet decided where to store our mp3s, this link was stolen from The Smoking Section.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To Our Wonderful Readers...

It appears that Boxstr, our main filehost for our downloadable mp3s, had a bit of a spasm. And in said spasm, they deleted the accounts of all of our writers. This is to say that our mp3 links from all our posts are, well...dead.
So here's our solution: re-uploading everything would be a huge pain in the ass, and while summer is approaching and therefore we may get the chance to undertake this pain the ass, for now we have no such plans. In the meantime, we suggest that if you would like an mp3 from YE-LID that is no longer available, please contact us (our e-mail is on the right hand side) and we will try and get that mp3 to you ASAP. Also, if you subscribe to our blog over at The Hype Machine, the mp3s will remain on there as far as I know. Because readers, though we can't see you, the ego boost you give us by reading our site is a wonderful, wonderful thing.
Sorry about all this nonsense, and blog business should continue on as normal from here forward.

Video Of The Week: Headless Heroes - "The North Wind Blew South"

It's Wednesday already? This week we bring you an exceedingly well-crafted music video for a track off of Headless Heroes' self-titled album from '08. Click here to check it out or look to your right. Enjoy.

Headless Heroes - "The North Wind Blew South"

By: Keith Loutit

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Worth Another Listen: The B-52's - "Planet Claire"

Well, I have returned from my Easter-induced hiatus, and it’s a Tuesday, so you, YE-LID reader, deserve a funny joke.

Q: What do you get when you play a Nickelback song backwards?

A: Abetter Nickelback song.

Zing!!! We can trash Nickelback until we’re all very old people, but one thing about them is that you can usually tell that you’re listening to a Nickelback song. They may all sound the same, but as you are wiping up the blood gently trickling from your ears, reflect on Chad’s unmistakable nasal/raspy delivery of astonishingly trashy lyrics over those indicative distorted guitars. Creative they ain’t, but strangely distinctive, they are.

Creativity is an asset, especially in the arts, but to be distinctive, especially long after your career is finished, is a feat. One act that combined pioneering musical innovations and long-term sonic distinction is the B-52’s, one of the most criminally underrated acts in rock music ever. A bold claim to be sure, but listening to a song like “Planet Claire” while considering the fact that it was recorded in 1979 makes my auditory complex do somersaults. Blossoming in the shadow of punk, the B-52’s made electronic music that should have sucked but was actually awesome because they were able to use their wittiness and charming campiness to make the repetition inherent in early electronic music a non-issue.

The B-52’s made music that was not only engaging and quirky, but genuinely fun to listen to. Punk was immersed in full-blown rage and rebellion, but The B-52’s approached the same world with such a refreshing attitude that they created the musical equivalent to Dadaism that remains apart from all others to this day. Take a few minutes, turn up the speakers, put on a bouffant wig and start shaking your ass, preferably with some gal name Claire. You’ll be singing along by the second verse.

Q: What do you get when you play a B-52’s song?

A: A smile.

Happy listening!

Planet Claire (download)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mixtape Partners in Crime: "DRY HARVEST + DRIPPY HARVEST"

A collection of buzzing drones and fuzzy tones, for those of you who enjoy melting to and flowing with your electronic music


1. Trevor Hawkins - Grasshoppers Unite! (2008)
2. Sinkfield - Raising an Ocean (2007)
3. Zolcan Breaker - Cer0 (2008)
4. Matmos - Polychords (2008)
5. Bubble Shield - Knocking Out (2009)
6. Aphex Twin - Bbydhyonchord (2001)
7. The Knife - We Share Our Mothers' Health (2006)
8. Brent Mottley - Steam (2009)
9. Amon Tobin - Marine Machines (2000)
10. Psychic Attack of the Psyduck - Kilauea (2009)
11. Camp - Benchmarks (2008)
12. The Field - Mobilia (2007)
13. Ulrich Schnauss - Between Us and Them (2001)
14. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Your Doppelganger (2003)


A collection of bright synths and punchy beats, for those of you who enjoy moving with and dancing to your electronic music


1. Alaska in Winter - Berlin (2008)
2. Natalie Portman's Shaved Head - Me + Yr Daughter (2008)
3. Matthew Dear - Pom Pom (2007)
4. Lo-Fi-Fnk - Steppin' Out (2006)
5. The Mania Agape - Craft (2008)
6. Yeah! Woho! - Punk (2009)
7. The Chap - Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley (2008)
8. Purple Crush - Busy Boys (2008)
9. MSTRKRFT - Neon Knights (2006)
10. Monomen - Music For TV-Shop (2007)
11. Crystal Castles - Good Time (2008)
12. Daft Punk - Da Funk (1997)
13. The Black Ghosts - I Want Nothing (2008)
14. Sébastien Tellier - Manty (2008)

Partners in crime. Together until the end, or at least until they get in over their heads.

Track Review: The Dandelion Council - "Exploring Woods in Pyjamas Circa 1982"

Yum, what a wonderful tasting find this was. Upon taking a little hour-long nap, I awoke with one word in my head, "dandelion" so I decide to do a search for the word online (just to see what came up) and I come across what might be one of my new favourite artists, in a very long time. The Dandelion Council produces some of the best Ambient / IDM music that I've heard yet. Each track grooves along quite well, on their 2008 release, Songs for Little Night Explorers. One track however, "Exploring Woods in Pyjamas Circa 1982" stood out in particular to me for a few reasons.

Reason #1
The song title. Concise. Imaginative. Projects the perfect image of childhood in my mind upon reading it. Brilliant.

Reason #2
The luminescent ambiance that fills your ears upon first listen, it's got a great progression and a hum that sticks with you.

Reason #3
The beat. The drum pattern influences a wonderful groove throughout the whole track. Whether its the subtle variation in the use of the hi-hat, the buzzing that occasionally invites itself into the beat, or just how well the melody flows alongside it. Some nice work.

I thank my dreams, or whatever it was that made me think of dandelions during my nap. You will not be forgotten. The whole album is up for download by Archaic Horizon Records, right here.

The Dandelion Council - "Exploring Woods in Pyjamas Circa 1982" (Download)

Just Listen: Rosie And Me

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Just. So. Pretty.
Rosie And Me are a folk-y duo out of Brazil who make simple, delicious songs to melt your heart. At times they're very reminiscent of a less weird but equally cute edition of The Moldy Peaches with the way they infuse their music with simple sentiments that are so easy to relate to.
"Come Back" is a perfect example. "If I asked you so very nicely / Would you come back to me?" vocalist Rosie cooes in the most adorable way possible. "I'll treat you right / I'll buy you candy bars," she continues, trying to attract her lover back. This band is just so easy to fall in love with, and I highly suggest you give them the chance to enter your heart. They have an EP on the way, so keep an eye out.

Rosie And Me - "Come Back" (Download)
(Stream up tomorrow. DivShare hates me.)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Not-So-Daily Mixtape: "PULPY"

Yet another mixtape for all you folks out there who enjoy a healthy mixture of sounds, every now and then


1. Black Moth Super Rainbow - One Flowery Sabbath (2003)
2. David Byrne and Brian Eno - The Carrier (1981)
3. TV On The Radio - Crying (2008)
4. OOIOO - ATS (2006)
5. Sunset Rubdown - Stadiums and Shrines II (2006)
6. The Ruby Suns - This Adventure Tour (2008)
7. Ween - Back to Basom (2000)
8. Battles - B T (2006)
9. Fake - Stop Identity Theft Before You Happen (2008)
10. Cloud Cult - May Your Hearts Stay Strong (2008)
11. Matmos - California Rhinoplasty (2001)
12. Talkdemonic - Cascade Locks (2006)
13. PJ Harvey - A Perfect Day Elise (1998)
14. Dreamgoatz - Swingsaw Santa Klaus (2009)

no i won't keep it

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Billboard Thursday: WTF

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm boycotting Billboard this Thursday. Why? Well, the biggest gainers (besides the Black Eyed Peas and that Pussycat Dolls Slumdog Millionaire rip-off that made a really random comeback on the charts this week) were this...


...and this.

I reserve the right to give a giant middle finger to mainstream America when that is what I have to choose from.
Fuck this, I'm listening to Blondie.

Blondie - "Sunday Girl" (Download)

Not-So-Daily Mixtape: "L'ESPACE"

Aidez-moi! Je suis perdu dans


1. Nujabes - Counting Stars (2007)
2. Koushik - Lying In The Sun (2008)
3. Stereolab - Super Falling Star (1992)
4. Asobi Seksu - Transparence (a.k.a. Sunshower) [2009]
5. Gang Gang Dance - Inners Pace (2008)
6. Volcano! - Astronomer's Ballad (2008)
7. Okkervil River - Song About a Star (2003)
8. Björk - Earth Intruders (2007)
9. Beach House - Astronaut (2008)
10. The Magnetic Fields - You and Me and the Moon (1995)
11. The American Analog Set - Gone To Earth (1996)
12. Explosions In The Sky - Glittering Blackness (2000)
13. Built to Spill - Big Dipper (2001)
14. Radiohead - Black Star (1995)

..and with but a soft movement, i am gone from this place. try and find me in this big expanse of nothing and everything. i dare you.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just Listen: The Forcefield Kids

Per the message in my inbox...

"The Forcefield Kids is a collaboration between two Newcastle based musicians, rapper/writer Stain(ed) Art and deejay/producer Sleepy. Combined, they've been making forward thinking, genre breaking music for nearly two decades. This record represents their pulling together to deliver a sound characterised by poetic lyrical landscapes and lush lofi instrumentals."

Their MySpace is here. I was skeptical until I listened to the mp3 they sent along with the e-mail: "Little Miss Star" reminds me of Bran Van 3000's "Drinking In LA" - one of my favourite songs ever - if Bran Van wasn't so alright with their apathy. I can picture myself wandering the Newcastle streets alone at midnight, and while that's not the most uplifting thought, I'm happy the The Forcefield Kids can bring me there.

The Forcefield Kids - "Little Miss Star"

Track Review: Kid Cudi Feat. Kanye West, Common, & Lady Gaga - "I Poke Her Face"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I generally hate posting about things that have already been mass blogged about, but Christ I just can't keep me hands off this one. It's legitimately called "I Poke Her Face". And samples Lady Gaga. And features another blistering verse from Kanye. Not even my intense hatred for Common can cool my enthusiasm for this track.
On the same day Eminem puts out another lame single where he basically re-releases "Ass Like That" and thinks it's funny, Kid Cudi drops this song, which is 100% hilarious. Even when followed by a giant douchebag - I'm looking at you, Common; real "conscious" rappers don't fucking discuss their "consciousness" in a song about getting head - Cudi and Kanye manage to rhyme the shit out of my favourite sample so far this year.
I'm still trying to decide if in December I'll be claiming this as one of the best raps of 2009 or whether it'll just be a novelty item, but regardless it's a hell of a lot of fun to listen to right now.

Kid Cudi Feat. Kanye West, Common, & Lady Gaga - "I Poke Her Face" (Download)

Not-So-Daily Mixtape: "MOUNTAINTOP TWO"

As per the request of fellow writer, A Reminder, enjoy


1. Fleet Foxes - Ragged Wood (2008)
2. Headless Heroes - The North Wind Blew South (2008)
3. The Mountains - In the Land of the Corpses, Hidden Stories are Revealed, Retold & Relived (2009)
4. Johnny West - Centipede Marriage Proposal (2009)
5. Jordaan Mason - Remember: Only You (Can Prevent Forest Fires) [2007]
6. Fleet Foxes - Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (2008)
7. Grand Salvo - In The Sun (2005)
8. Fire on Fire - The Orchard (2008)
9. The Innocence Mission - Follow Me (1999)
10. Grouper - When We Fall (2008)
11. Neutral Milk Hotel - Communist Daughter (1998)
12. Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans (2004)
13. Akron/Family - Before and Again (2006)
14. Ballboy - Swim For Health (2001)

Request fulfilled. Mission accomplished. Objective reached and so forth.

Video Of The Week: M83 - "We Own The Sky"

Look to your right, or click here to check out this week's video.
Personally one of my favourite songs by M83, with some
"unique" animation. Check it out.

M83 - "We Own The Sky"

By: Dax Norman

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Not-So-Daily Mixtape: "MOUNTAINTOP"

With that attitude, you'll never reach your


1. The Mountain Goats - Cheshire County (1995)
2. Great Lake Swimmers - There Is A Light (2007)
3. Rye 'n Clover - Mourning Song (2009)
4. The Kings of Convenience - Cayman Islands (2004)
5. Johnny West - Fidget (2005)
6. Golden Boots - Fear (2009)
7. Nick Drake - Milk and Honey (released in 2007, but recorded years earlier)
8. Lady Lioness - Moving to the Mountains (2009)
9. Nina Nastasia and Jim White - There Is No Train (2007)
10. She & Him - Change Is Hard (2008)
11. Pulco - Dino Song (2007)
12. Page France - Chariot (2006)
13. Joey DeMarco - Sunday Afternoons (2008)
14. Jordaan Mason - Liturgy (2007)

I'm full. I think I'm going to go lay down for a while.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Worth A Listen: Ape School – “Wail To God”

Here’s a neat tune that I found whilst trolling the Internet the other day, a tasty musical morsel to satisfy my craving for electronically-based indie rock. If you enjoy Wolf Parade or any of Wolf Parade’s 517 side projects, you’ll enjoy “Wail of God” just about as much as I did. Hell, after a few drinks you could easily mistake this to be Wolf Parade. That’s really not supposed to be a complement, cause we’re always looking for distinctly unique new music here at YE-LID, but at the same time it is. In a world where sounding musically unique is becoming harder by a minute, an earnest homage to the masters still commands respect if done well. Ape School is a one-man show, and his multi-instrumentalism is impressive as he at first creates islands of coherence in a sea of electronic whatnots until it picks up into an altogether pleasing refrain which closes out the tune. It’s nothing particularly new and certainly nothing revolutionary, but still worth the time to check it out in streaming audio and download below. The self-titled LP drops on April 17th, look out for it. Happy listening!

Wail To God (download)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Not-So-Daily Mixtape: "NUMBERS"

Everything seems to be about the


1. The New Pornographers - The Jessica Numbers (2005)
2. Alaska in Winter - Highlander Pt. 2 (2008)
3. Dirty Projectors - Six Pack (2007)
4. The Doors - Love Me Two Times (1967)
5. Chad VanGaalen - Burn 2 Ash (2006)
6. Daft Punk - Revolution 909 (1997)
7. Sunset Rubdown - Snake's Got a Leg III (2006)
8. Stars - Life 2: The Unhappy Ending (2007)
9. Okkervil River - The Next Four Months (2005)
10. Deerhunter - Calvary Scars II / Aux Out (2008)
11. Neutral Milk Hotel - Avery Island / April 1st (1996)
12. Talkdemonic - Manhatten '81 (2006)
13. Battles - Ipt2 (2006)
14. The Shins - Your Algebra (2001)

(Burn 2 Ash is one of my favourite Chad VanGaalen songs, and it always promotes a cheerful response every time I hear it, so I thought I'd share that with all of you)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Track Review: Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - "Killers"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Like I've mentioned before on here, Casiotone For The Painfully Alone is one of my favourite artists because Owen Ashworth is so adept at crafting heart-shattering tales of monotonous everyday life. Needless to say, upcoming album Vs. Children is one of my most anticipated.
One of my favourite new tracks is "Killers", where Ashworth describes a couple discussing whether or not they could keep a child if the girlfriend got pregnant. "But honey, look at us now / We barely support each other," Ashworth groans, echoing the concerns of countless twenty-somethings around the globe. The keyboard drone is soft but constant, and we get the feeling that the girlfriend would love to have a child; it feels like it's really hurting the boyfriend to be realistic with her. And then when Ashworth lets out, "We could be killers / Just for one night," you can almost hear the girlfriend's heart break in two.
There's something about the drag of the everyday life of a young adult that can get really depressing at certain times - we've all felt it at one point or another - and Ashworth is a master at depicting those feelings. To hear for yourself, pre-order Vs. Children, which will be available April 7.

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - "Killers" (Download)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Not-So-Daily Mixtape: "CITYLIFE"

D'you hear that? It's the cry of the city in its natural habitat. We must be very quiet, so as to not scare it away. This must be what they call the


1. Deer Tick - Art Isn't Real (City of Sin) [2007]
2. Beirut - The Canals of Our City (2006)
3. Bubonic Plague - Gray Wave City (2008)
4. Wolf Parade - Language City (2008)
5. Elliott Smith - Fear City (2007)
6. Of Montreal - City Bird (2004)
7. Tegan and Sara - City Girl (2002)
8. Handsome Furs - White City (2009)
9. The Stampeders - Sweet City Woman (1971)
10. Belly Boat - City (2007)
11. Iron & Wine - Peace Beneath The City (2007)
12. Nicole Atkins & The Sea - Neptune City (2007)
13. Camp - City Life (2008)
14. Calexico - Contention City (2008)

The subtle grace of the city will never escape us, I assure you.

Billboard Thursday(ish): Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow

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This edition of Billboard Thursday is a tad late due to work/school commitments, and it will also be a tad shorter this week because I'm tired as hell. However, I'm in luck, because the biggest gainer this week that isn't named Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, or Ciara (big ups to her, by the way, for once again making a huge jump into the top ten) is the Black Eyed Peas, and they generally don't need much explanation anyways.
It's been a while since we've heard them on the radio, and according to new single "Boom Boom Pow", it's been a while since they've heard anything on the radio. The absolute hilarity of Fergie singing, "I'm so 2008 / You so 2000 and LATE," is UNBELIEVABLE. You know that she just disregarded the actual current year so she could make that rhyme. And then she's saying other people need to catch up to her futuristic sound...WHILE SINGING IN AUTO-TUNE. Fergie, when you're pimping a trend that started with T-Pain which begat Lil Wayne which begat Kanye which begat every single person trying to hide a shitty singing voice, you are not ahead of the curve.
The beat is fun, and people are going to dance to it at the club, but BEP are pretty much a parody of themselves at this point in their existence. This would be acceptable if they appeared at all self-aware of this fact and made light of it, but they don't at all. I get the feeling they are taking this song 100% seriously. They really believe this is a hot, current sound. And that, my friends, is called being out of the motherfucking loop.
I could post a stream of the track, but I won't for two reasons. The first is that we had our second copyright violation recently, and now I'm gun-shy. The second is that I found the only thing more hilarious than this song: a flambuoyant emo kid dancing to this song. And what better way to present parody than through parody.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Worth A Quick Listen: The People Of Canada - "Life"

Canada is home to a diverse array of some 32 million individuals, belonging to all manner of different races and creeds. Therefore, it’s kind of ironic that the man who calls himself The People Of Canada is actually a middle-aged Caucasian. Boasting a handlebar moustache and a haircut not from this century, at first glance The People Of Canada may look like a well-groomed roadie, until he picks up his trusty white ukulele. His songs, hectic and skittish in delivery, rarely last more than 60 seconds and cover a variety of mundane topics including garbage collection, diabetes, not wanting to go to the hospital, and prostate exams. I was so curious/mystified by the disarming strangeness of The People Of Canada that I picked up his CD on my way out of the concert.

I should hate this CD. First off, I paid $10 for a CD (entitled “Who Is The People Of Canada?”)featuring 12 songs that only lasts about 13 minutes total. Second of all, some of the vocals have this weird reverb on them that I don’t like. And even when the ukulele gets a little help from a bass, the song still feels sparse, floating alone in space. I don’t even know if the ukulele is even in tune sometimes. Yet, for all of my woes, I really, really enjoy listening to this “album”.

You have to hear some of this for yourself to marvel in it’s quiet, underwhelming oddities. Below for download and streaming audio is “Life”, a song featuring one of the best lyrics I have heard in a while: “Life is short/But at least at the end/You get to be a skeleton/And you can say...'I’m a skeleton!!!’” Wow. Happy listening!

Life (download)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Video Of The Week: Tommy Sparks - "She's Got Me Dancing"

Eric Wareheim, what a genius you are.
Tommy Sparks, you make some damn catchy music.
Check out this week's video to the right or click here.

Tommy Sparks - "She's Got Me Dancing"

Directed by: Eric Wareheim