Thursday, April 23, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Eminem - "We Made You"

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I've written about the wackness of Eminem's latest comeback effort before, and the lame train just keeps on rolling with new single "We Made You" (aka "Ass Like That: 2009 Remix"), which premiered at #9 on Billboard's Hot 100.
I just don't see the appeal of the songs he's released thus far. "Crack A Bottle" was lazy and uninspired, and "We Made You" is a five-minute onslaught of tired celebrity jokes. I mean, Amy Winehouse? Kim Kardashian's ass? What's next, Helen Keller punchlines?
The beat is Dr. Dre 101, with some horns, piano stabs, and drums to carry it along. What's exciting about any of this? We've heard it all before, from Slim and others since. It's only moderately catchy, and it's certainly not a club tune. All "We Made You" has going for it is Eminem's name recognition, and for me that's just not enough anymore. America clearly doesn't feel the same way yet, but in a perfect world "We Made You" will follow the lead of "Crack A Bottle" and have a meteoric drop down the charts.


roygbiv said...

wow, the beat isn't even good. :(

I am almost always disappointed with "popular music" when I read Billboard Thursday, but this takes the cake.

lenzky said...

Stop HatIng on Eminem n dnt lie he wuld kill u in a battle n u probably dnt lik his songs becz ur a ugly hagg.