Thursday, April 30, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Kelly Clarkson - "I Do Not Hook Up"

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I had a lot to choose from in this (late) edition of Billboard Thursday. The Dave Matthews Band released a new single that premiered really high, but it was so awful in its Maroon 5-ness that I just couldn't write about it. I'm usually comfortable with writing about awful things, but this was not even the fun kind of awful. It's like...fuck, it's so boring I can't even come up with an interesting simile. Moving right along.
Kelly Clarkson was option number two, and I love me some Kelly, so I've landed on "I Do Not Hook Up" as my topic this week (though the lack of embeddable YouTube videos got me so frustrated that I almost switched to Jeremih's awful-in-the-not-boring-way "Birthday Sex"; seriously, it's called "Birthday Sex"). Not only do I love me some Kelly, but I love me some Katy Perry, who wrote the song. I enjoy Perry in the same way I do Lily Allen, in that their personalities are so outrageous that it overshadows the fact that their music likely isn't that good. Thank you, Billboard Thursday, for allowing me to revel in my guilty pleasures.
But yes, back to Kelly. Her first single "My Life Would Suck Without You" was a brilliant piece of bubblegum pop, and it set some Billboard records in its rise to the top. "I Do Not Hook Up" is in a similar vein, but it takes a different route; it's still catchy as hell, but it puts more emphasis on the rock side of things than the pop side, which suits Kelly's voice perfectly. She stands out the most when she's screaming, because for some reason when she screams it still sounds good.
The track's not gonna help her retain any of the indie cred she's built up recently, but it's another earworm of the highest degree, and I wouldn't be the least bit shocked if this was her second number one hit off the new album. The video (which I finally found an embeddable version of; the things I do for you people) is pretty hilarious, too.

Kelly Clarkson - I Do Not Hook Up

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