Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just Listen: So I'm Jo

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I love my inbox. It's like a present I get to open daily, and who doesn't want Christmas every day of the week? Okay, purveyors of religions that don't celebrate Christmas, there's you. But whatever, gifts are fucking sweet.
My latest gift comes from Australia's own So I'm Jo, a bedroom electronica duo that could be mistaken for YE-LID favs Junior Boys if you're not wearing your thick-rimmed hipster glasses. Also like Junior Boys, they're not a one trick pony; yes, I've labeled them as "bedroom electronica", but they aren't afraid to get out on the dancefloor a little either, and they definitely have varying influences. Full of potential, these ones are.
Check the mp3 below, and to all our Australian readers (of which I'm sure there are many, who are we kidding): make sure to catch them live if you get the chance, as they'll definitely be on the road.

So I'm Jo - "Waiting For Time" (Download)

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roygbiv said...

i love these guys