Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Show Stopper: "M. Ward Ward Ward Ward Ward"

Last night, I managed to see M. Ward perform at The Phoenix in Toronto and let me tell you, it was breathtaking. Each and every song had so much emotion and it was just flowing straight into the audience. Matt Ward has such great moxie, and it is clear how much fun he is having on stage with his band mates and how well he knows his stuff. A show filled with awesome improvisation and a few covers (one being "Roll Over Beethoven", which by the way had to have been the best version of that song I have yet to hear). Overall, just having the chance to hear "Fisher of Men", "Hold Time" and so many others performed live made my night. The opening act, Joe Pug, was a lyrical treat. I recommend checking his stuff out as well, he's got a very Bob Dylan-esque songwriting style going for him, and that my friends is something I do like.

Buy "Hold Time" Here
M. Ward - "Fisher of Men" (Download)

Tonight however, I got a chance to see Shout Out Out Out Out for their CD Release Party at Starlight in Waterloo for the first time. They shook me. I didn't expect what I had coming and Reintegration Time is surely an album you cannot miss. A wonderful vocoder-style voice, synths surrounding your body and two drummers who never miss a beat and stay in sync for the whole show. The opening acts, The Cansecos and Smalltown DJs were great. The Cansecos showed me the true meaning of disco with their near 10 minute final song and really got me going, also Smalltown DJs threw down some great tracks and a ferocious remix of Aretha Franklin's "Respect".

Buy "Reintegration Time" Here
Shout Out Out Out Out - "In the End It's Your Friends" (Download)

Oh concerts, please continue to make me love music as much as I do.

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