Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Track Review: Clipse Is, Um, Kinda Like A Big Deal

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The thing about highly celebrated Clipse album Hell Hath No Fury is that it still sounds as fresh today as it was a couple years a go. It really is legendary; they had the audacity to drop the most monstrous record the rap world had seen in quite some time at the end of November, when most critics already had their "Best Of" lists all neatly organized. In an industry where writers are hesitant to proclaim an album as historic mere weeks after its release, it's a testament to the album's greatness that it still topped many of those lists.
But that's just what Clipse does: stir shit up, rhyme about coke, and roll around in the very profitable aftermath. "How you count our money? / We ain't even finished countin'," Pusha T growls on the chorus of new single "Kinda Like A Big Deal". It's as epic as you'd expect, providing a booming beat with DJ Khalil on production duties. And what do you do to make the most highly anticipated rap single of 2009 even doper? Invite Kanye on the track and let him make jokes about pregnancy and premature ejaculation. My pleasure censors are overloading.
New album Till The Casket Drops arrives sometime this year, but I'm sure you'll hear about it. It'll kinda be like a big deal.

Clipse Feat. Kanye West - "Kinda Like A Big Deal" (Download)

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