Sunday, April 12, 2009

Track Review: The Dandelion Council - "Exploring Woods in Pyjamas Circa 1982"

Yum, what a wonderful tasting find this was. Upon taking a little hour-long nap, I awoke with one word in my head, "dandelion" so I decide to do a search for the word online (just to see what came up) and I come across what might be one of my new favourite artists, in a very long time. The Dandelion Council produces some of the best Ambient / IDM music that I've heard yet. Each track grooves along quite well, on their 2008 release, Songs for Little Night Explorers. One track however, "Exploring Woods in Pyjamas Circa 1982" stood out in particular to me for a few reasons.

Reason #1
The song title. Concise. Imaginative. Projects the perfect image of childhood in my mind upon reading it. Brilliant.

Reason #2
The luminescent ambiance that fills your ears upon first listen, it's got a great progression and a hum that sticks with you.

Reason #3
The beat. The drum pattern influences a wonderful groove throughout the whole track. Whether its the subtle variation in the use of the hi-hat, the buzzing that occasionally invites itself into the beat, or just how well the melody flows alongside it. Some nice work.

I thank my dreams, or whatever it was that made me think of dandelions during my nap. You will not be forgotten. The whole album is up for download by Archaic Horizon Records, right here.

The Dandelion Council - "Exploring Woods in Pyjamas Circa 1982" (Download)

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