Saturday, April 18, 2009

Track Review: Tim Exile - "There's Nothing Left of Me but Her and This"

Tim Exile's new album, Listening Tree (released this past March 17th) to be honest, didn't really do it for me. It didn't rub my bubbles, so to speak. However, after giving it a few listens, it started speaking to me in Tim's eerie looming voice. Specifically, the semi-instrumental fourth track "There's Nothing Left of Me but Her and This". The bass that pumps along throughout this track is flooring, it really hits you. The song is mainly a group of similar, yet subtly different synth melodies weaving throughout a catchy beat, stuttering scratches, bright squeaks and the occasional extended wispy vocal / heavy breathing. Then about halfway through, Tim Exile gradually smothers the track in a pillow of noise, in an attempt to suffocate the beat. An interesting way to close out the song.

Listening Tree
is perfect for those of you who are looking for some slightly different, yet unpredictable Electronic / IDM music. You can buy your copy right here.

Tim Exile - "There's Nothing Left of Me but Her and This" (Download)

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