Monday, April 6, 2009

Worth A Listen: Ape School – “Wail To God”

Here’s a neat tune that I found whilst trolling the Internet the other day, a tasty musical morsel to satisfy my craving for electronically-based indie rock. If you enjoy Wolf Parade or any of Wolf Parade’s 517 side projects, you’ll enjoy “Wail of God” just about as much as I did. Hell, after a few drinks you could easily mistake this to be Wolf Parade. That’s really not supposed to be a complement, cause we’re always looking for distinctly unique new music here at YE-LID, but at the same time it is. In a world where sounding musically unique is becoming harder by a minute, an earnest homage to the masters still commands respect if done well. Ape School is a one-man show, and his multi-instrumentalism is impressive as he at first creates islands of coherence in a sea of electronic whatnots until it picks up into an altogether pleasing refrain which closes out the tune. It’s nothing particularly new and certainly nothing revolutionary, but still worth the time to check it out in streaming audio and download below. The self-titled LP drops on April 17th, look out for it. Happy listening!

Wail To God (download)

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