Friday, April 17, 2009

Worth A Listen: Fischerspooner - "Supply and Demand"

Whilst trolling the Internet (I have a dial-up connection, so I use the term quite literally), I came across an interesting-sounding act known as Fischerspooner, an art-pop “project” comprised of two folks whose respective last names were Fischer and Spooner. Perhaps I should have heard of them before now, as their myspace has nearly 2 million hits, and they seem to have a pretty dedicated following. They also have an album coming out in May! This sounded like prime YE-LID material, dear readers, so I surrendered half an hour of my life in order to download a tune called “Supply and Demand”.

I must admit that expectations were high. The self-hyping that Fischerspooner doles out is quite convincing, and consequently I expected something pretty revolutionary. Based on my almost tangible anticipation, it comes off as almost a compliment that I was only half disappointed. This song is not going to change your life, move you to tears or inspire you to call up an old friend. It’s a dancey electro-pop song created well within the boundaries of anything that has been done before. However, Fischerspooner still manage to do this quite well - cool beat, catchy synths and at 4:30 in length, it gives ample time to boogie down but it’s not so long that it gets tiresome. Keep posted to their myspace for upcoming details of their release of their third LP Entertainment, due out in May. May I recommend you check out the streaming audio and download below? Happy listening!

Supply and Demand (download)

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