Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Worth A Listen: The Love Language - "Equinox"

“Equinox” by The Love Language may have the sound of many parts coming together to form one, but the act contains seven members only when in tour formation – the studio recordings are the work of a single man, Stuart McLamb. Perhaps the title “studio recordings” is even a bit generous; this was mostly recorded in a bedroom, a dining room and a tin shed. The result is a glorious lo-fi sound in the tradition of Pavement and more recently, Chad VanGaalen. Since I adore Pavement and Chad VanGaalen, I find this rather awesome and love the character that it adds to the catchy melody and snappy percussion. A break-down in the middle of the track threatens to burst the song apart at it’s seams, but it ultimately provides a contrast for when the blissful coherency returns. Watch out for the self-titled debut album coming soon, but until then the streaming audio and download of “Equinox” below should hold you over. Happy listening!

Equinox (download)

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Anonymous said...

would like to see this performed live, wish it would make it on a future album