Thursday, April 2, 2009

Worth A Quick Listen: The People Of Canada - "Life"

Canada is home to a diverse array of some 32 million individuals, belonging to all manner of different races and creeds. Therefore, it’s kind of ironic that the man who calls himself The People Of Canada is actually a middle-aged Caucasian. Boasting a handlebar moustache and a haircut not from this century, at first glance The People Of Canada may look like a well-groomed roadie, until he picks up his trusty white ukulele. His songs, hectic and skittish in delivery, rarely last more than 60 seconds and cover a variety of mundane topics including garbage collection, diabetes, not wanting to go to the hospital, and prostate exams. I was so curious/mystified by the disarming strangeness of The People Of Canada that I picked up his CD on my way out of the concert.

I should hate this CD. First off, I paid $10 for a CD (entitled “Who Is The People Of Canada?”)featuring 12 songs that only lasts about 13 minutes total. Second of all, some of the vocals have this weird reverb on them that I don’t like. And even when the ukulele gets a little help from a bass, the song still feels sparse, floating alone in space. I don’t even know if the ukulele is even in tune sometimes. Yet, for all of my woes, I really, really enjoy listening to this “album”.

You have to hear some of this for yourself to marvel in it’s quiet, underwhelming oddities. Below for download and streaming audio is “Life”, a song featuring one of the best lyrics I have heard in a while: “Life is short/But at least at the end/You get to be a skeleton/And you can say...'I’m a skeleton!!!’” Wow. Happy listening!

Life (download)

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