Tuesday, April 28, 2009

YE-LID News: I <3 Passion Pit

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If there is one album that can come close to my anticipation of the new Phoenix (I try to mention Phoenix whenever possible), it's the new Passion Pit. I thought they were an interesting group until I recently heard "I've Got Your Number" off their 2008 debut EP Chunk Of Change , and then they became a very interesting group. Their mix of raw electronic energy and Postal Service-esque heart-on-sleeveness is to die for, and early singles from their upcoming first full-length deliver on every bit of promise.
Via Stereogum, Manners is due out May 19 in North America. I, for one, am stoked.


01 Make Light
02 Little Secrets
03 Moth's Wings
04 The Reeling
05 Eyes as Candles
06 Swimming in the Flood
07 Folds in Your Hands
08 To Kingdom Come
09 Sleepyhead
10 Let Your Love Grow Tall
11 Seaweed Song

PS - Today, I noticed that Passion Pit played a show in Ottawa while I was still at school on April 2, a Thursday night in which I was likely doing nothing since Harper's Island hadn't even started airing yet. FML.

Passion Pit - "I've Got Your Number" (Download)

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