Saturday, April 18, 2009

Worth A Listen: You Look Like You Need A Hug...Or Disco Ruido

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If this song doesn't brighten up your day, then you have no soul.
It's the most random of successes: some band from Mexico called Disco Ruido samples the Beatles, makes an uplifting, Flaming Lips-esque track, and ends up #1 on the Hype Machine. The song is called "Mrs. Love" for fuck's sake, it's impossible not to adore. I sense an Apple commercial in their future.
This is a really stressful time of year for a lot of people my age, so let this song put a smile on your face before the inevitable return to the life hatred exam period brings.

Disco Ruido - "Mrs. Love" (Download)


Anonymous said...

makes me wanna wear sandals and a vaporous white dress, put on my red glasses and take a walk trough a sunflower field. to fall in love.

Anonymous said...

it sucks and Im happy with no soul :)

Anonymous said...

It´s awesome i love it...