Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Album Review: Apostle Of Hustle Eats Darkness

Apostle Of Hustle Eats Darkness is the third full-length release from the side project of Broken Social Scenester Andrew Whiteman, and is released on BSS’ flagship label, Arts & Crafts. Upon first listen, it is obvious that this album was conceived to be consumed as a whole. No, this is not a concept album, and one can’t even say that there is a particularly consistent musical congruency throughout. However, included in the album’s thirteen tracks are five 30 to 60-second long mėlanges of sound effects and intriguing (if not totally relevant) sound bites, acting almost as interludes between the musical “acts” of the album. An interesting approach, but at first glance they appear to be mere diversions from the music, which on the whole is actually quite good.

It is no surprise that this man is also the mind behind my Broken Social Scene favourite, “Fire Eye’d Boy”. The songs are rhythmically driving, a feeling which is accelerated by the instrumentation and vocals, which manage to adhere to the grooves in the rhythm even as some songs break down in a very Broken Social Scene-like fashion.

Are you noticing a trend in my references here? While this CD (released May 19th) is most definitely a grower, fans of Broken Social Scene will appreciate Apostle Of Hustle Eats Darkness more than most, especially those who wished that BSS took on a more experimental approach with flairs of Latin and electronica and an inspired, if not altogether inspiring, methods of spicing up a track listing. Speaking of track listings, the one for this album is as follows:

Eazy Speaks
Soul Unwind
Perfect Fit
What Are You Talking About?
Whistle In The Fog
Eats Darkness
Return To Sender
How To Defeat A More Powerful Enemy
Nobody Bought It

I’m gonna give this one 7.5/10. Below is the download and streaming audio of “How To Defeat A More Powerful Enemy”, because I remember it distinctively from when I saw them on the first stop of their tour last week. You can also purchase the album here. Happy Listening!

How To Defeat A More Powerful Enemy (Download)

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