Thursday, May 21, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Lady Gaga - "Lovegame"

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I love Lady Gaga.
I have no shame in saying it. I find her very Madonna-esque in that she knows what she has to do to become a star and is doing everything in her power to make that happen. Over the course of the past year, she's gone from one-hit wonder to back-to-back chart toppers to bonafide superstar. She's a sex symbol, fashion icon, and top notch pop success.
"Lovegame" is her third single to blast up Billboard (and if rumoured fourth single "Paparazzi" is released, it won't be her last), and it's another killer sex-jam with an electro beat to die for. It's been popular in Canada for a while now, but "Poker Face" did so well for so long in the States that it suffocated "Lovegame". Not so anymore, as her new automatic top-ten hit finally made the splash I've been waiting for.
Pop acts like her and Britney have been following a path recently that I really enjoy; fuck ballads, I like my pop stars when they're releasing dirty dance song after dirty dance song. Britney's last five singles have all been club-ready, and Gaga's first three have been the same way. This girl is larger than life, and I can't see her disappearing anytime soon.
Check the smokin' hot video below.


hear mars said...

it's true gaga is the shit. it's almost embarrassing how often i open my cd book for a new disc and end up choosing the fame. such a great album.

Your Ex-Lover said...

Seriously. Pretty much every song is straight fire, which is only moderately embarassing to admit.