Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just Listen: Johnny West Surprised My Pants Off

Windsor, Ontario's Johnny West is nothing less than eccentric. His album, An Absence of Sway, released this year really took me by surprise. It is filled with a wide variety of songs created in a variety of styles. His piano playing is bursting with emotion, his drum beats (especially on The Ass) occasionally remind of me of Sufjan Stevens at his best, his vocal melodies are smooth as butter, his lyrics are outrageously original and everything fits together like a fresh puzzle, before the pieces are punched out of their place. Most of his music will probably not be heard by most people and I really think that is a shame. So below are three tracks from An Absence of Sway, that stood out to me. Please support Johnny West and all his music and visit his blog to inquire about purchasing an album.

Johnny West - "This Bed is a Bear Trap" (download)
Johnny West - "Defenestrate Your Heart" (download)
Johnny West - "The Ass, Enchanted with the Sound" (download)


Anonymous said...

check out chicken angel woman with a triangle and his recent CD " if I had a gun...he's playing live with a great jazz musician on June 5th and 10pm at the fish market in Windsor...should be a hell of a show- check it out!

roygbiv said...

Yes that release Chicken Angel Woman, is really interesting me I want to get my hands on a copy. :)