Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just Listen: Pony Up

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I finally have a day off from work, and there's a few posts I've been meaning to get to, so these are going to make like Vin Diesel and come fast and furious today.
Pony Up, sometimes with a Los Campesinos!-esque exclamation point on the end from what I can see around the 'Net, are an all-female pop group out of Montreal that bring my heart much joy. I, for one, like the exclamation point. Don't be insecure, girls. Work that punctuation.
They've already released one album, and their sophomore effort Stay Gold will be released May 30th. If it is full of anything like single "Charles", I'll definitely be picking it up. Because seriously, any band that can get the line, "Oh oh oh oh, I hear you look like Charles Manson," in my head for a week is wonderful.

Pony Up - "Charles" (Download)

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