Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Listen: Vintage Latin American Dustcloud

San Antonio beatsmith, Diego Bernal released his first full length LP on Exponential Records a couple months back, completely for free. Last time I checked, that is a recipe for awesome. This release, For Corners, is a blend of electronic and hip-hop beats with a Latin flare which seasons it all quite well. The whole album from start to finish is quite dusty and sounds like it's being played on vinyl. Some tracks that stand out of the bunch are "Dusty Sanchez" because the sampled guitar reminds me of an Acid Folk/Folktronica tune straight out of 1970's Latin America, and "Summer's Over (Interlude)" because of the chill, relaxed feel you get from it. With simple beats that blend nicely into each other and some really cool samples sprinkled throughout, For Corners, is definitely an interesting release complete with vinyl crackles, bright Latin guitar and funky brass samples. You're certainly in for a vintage treat, check out Diego's full album (as a stream) over here, or download the whole thing.

Diego Bernal - "Summer's Over (Interlude)" (download)

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