Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Show Stopper: "C'mon, Feed Off The Dirt"

Starlight, in Kitchener, lit up yet again tonight. This time by Toronto rock trio, C'mon. They played their hearts out and added to what was already a great night. My ears are still ringing. Truly, they are the revival (or rebirth, if you will) of rock and the lovechild of bands like Black Mountain, Black Sabbath and Rush (to name a few). Charming the audience isn't hard for C'mon. Whether it's the guitarist's uber-catchy riffs, the bassist's constant strumming and hair-waving, or the barefoot drummer and his beautiful transitions, it's hard to keep your eye off the stage. The opening acts were decent. Saigon Hookers started us off with rock straight out of the 80's and Pride Tigers (currently touring with C'mon) were.... well.. uhh.. let's just say they had "a lot of energy" and leave it at that. Check out C'mon's 2007 release, Bottled Lightning (of an All Time High) over at their official website.

C'mon - "Feeding Off The Dirt" (Download)

Next show: Animal Collective on May 16th at the Sound Academy in Toronto. I can't wait.

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