Friday, May 29, 2009

Track Review: When I get it on, I get it on.

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If you recall our slapdash end of the year festivities in 2008 (it was our first, and we were wholly unprepared for how much work actually goes into it), you'll remember that Girlicious' ode to doing stupid shit was #17 on my top 50 songs list. I made a point about how pop can be looked at not only as an art form, but also as a vehicle for escapism. That track was a perfect example of how worthless trash evolves into pure pop bliss. With that title, it was never meant for chart success, but solely for our enjoyment. Only in such a world could a group called Girlicious and a song called "Stupid Shit" exist.

Electrik Red resides in that same world, and "We Fuck You" is their "Stupid Shit". Within seconds of it's killer club-synth opening, the girls are dropping lines like, "I love the way you kiss on the pearl," and, "Boy you're like a Michael / You can really beat it". What's the target audience for a track like this? Those who find perfection in a sex jam that is actually a sex jam. The chorus hook reads as follows:

"Y'all don't fuck us / N****, we fuck you."

Holy shit.

There is so much to say about having a lyric like that as the centrepiece of a pop song. The audacity. It's like they're saying, "Fuck you popularity. We want to make a kickass ode to powerful women, and we didn't do it to sell records." And therein lies the pop bliss I referenced earlier that I can [rightfully] take a lot of flak for. There's a fine line between shit disguised as brilliance and brilliance disguised as shit. This is the latter, in my opinion.

There's just so many things to love about "We Fuck You" as a fan of unadulterated fun music. Lines like, "You were like flash in the sheets / So fast I had to finish when you leave." The beat that slinks and snaps and synths (new verb created) along, acting as both the star and the sidekick at different points. The way the lyrics are delivered with a sly wink, like Electrik Red are letting us in on their little secret, and yet they're still said with a swagger that says we still don't know what to do with what they're telling us.

I could write a novel about this song, mostly because I think this straightforwardness is what's missing from pop music today. I'm not saying every artist needs to be so graphic, but I like my pop music fun. Screw all these acts that spend they're time trying to find a mainstream single; this is one of my favourite pop songs this year because Electrik Red just doesn't give a fuck.

Electrik Red - We Fuck You (Download)

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