Thursday, May 14, 2009

Worth A Listen: Deer Tick - "Easy"

On paper, I should really hate this song. It opens up kind of like a bad attempt at being Metallica (which, by the way, is exactly what Metallica has been sounding like recently.) It doesn’t help that the singer’s voice is a high-pitched growl, which could be described as a whine, depending on my mood. However, when the song dispatches of what I think are clichéd hallmarks of mainstream metal and opens up into a chorus smacking of alt-country flair, I must admit that the song really picks up and is overall a very enjoyable experience. It’s true that I never quite warmed up to the grating tone of the vocalist’s wail, but the rollicking rhythm section keeps that track afloat when just moments earlier that same instrumentation made me want to throw my iPod off a cliff.

You can find this track on Deer Tick’s new album Born On Flag Day, due out on June 23rd. It’s worth checking out just to savour how truly unpredictable good, new music can be from one minute to the next. Happy Listening!

Deer Tick - "Easy" (Download)


Anonymous said...

I don't really know what to tell you if you don't like John McCauley's voice, but I can say that Deer Tick has some very excellent songs, such as Art Isn't Real (City of Sin), Diamond Rings, and their cover of Paul Simon's Still Crazy.

roygbiv said...

Personally, War Tick is an all-time favourite album of mine, not sure about this one though. I'll have to wait and see.