Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Worth A Listen: Miss Kittin - "Electronic City"

While this album came out last month, I wanted to write about this tune not only because I just happened upon it but because it is a rare song which I think would benefit greatly from a remix. While some outstanding remixes can be found very recently on this very fine blog, dear YE-LID readers, I am a sucker for the original, and consider remixes to be a compliment to the original piece. However, I really, really want someone to come along and kick "Electronic City" in the ass to throw it up a couple gears. This is a fine electronic song from a solid (French) DJ, but interrupting the beat for some sweeping synths (while quite nice) really broke the flow for me. Miss Kittin, give me a version of this song with constant ass-shaking possibilities, and I will be forever indebted.

Feel free to check out "Electronic City" below to appreciate the tune's undeniable potential, or even purchase Miss Kittin's new album Two here.

Miss Kittin - "Electronic City" (download)

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