Sunday, May 17, 2009

YE-LID News: Pepepe Continues To Blow My Mind

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No, it's not really news persay, but much like Carlos Pesina himself (aka Pepepe aka Los Amparito aka Pesina Siller), this post is hard to categorize. At the next staff meeting - which we don't really have, but that sounded professional - I'm proposing we create a new tag called "Awesomeness", where we post things that are hard to type about because our jaws are still on the floor.
Pepepe deserves such a tag. Free album Robo Orgon De Plantas Y Animales (available here) is in my top five of the year thus far, and it's likely to stay there. It just continues to grow on me and grow on me, and now I'm enveloped in its impenetrable greatness. It's like Panda Bear got put in a blender with The Avalanches, and somehow no one has really picked up on it. YE-LID is out to change that.
Below is another of my favourite tracks from Robo Orgon, plus two fantastic remixes. The Animal Collective one is a YE-LID exclusive, while the Yelle one is off his also wonderful 2008 Remixes album.

Pepepe - Mirar A Los Ojos Es De Mal Gusto (Download)

Animal Collective - Brothersport (Los Amparito - Hermano Deporte Mix) (Download)

Yelle - Ce Jeu (Pepepe Remix) (Download)

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