Thursday, June 18, 2009

Billboard Thursday: The Black Eyed Peas - "I Gotta Feeling"

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What an awful, awful song.

Alright, I get what BEP is going for here. They're trying to create a carefree summer jam that high school kids will drink to during their illegal basement parties. I get it. Hell, I bet you this will play at every club across the country and people will sing out loud and they'll dance and they'll smile at each other with a look of, "This really is a good night." And you know what, maybe I shouldn't be mad at that. Maybe I should just accept that "I Gotta Feeling" is going to make people happy and nostalgic.

But I can't, not when the song in question is this calculated. The chorus of, "I gotta feeling / That tonight's gonna be a good night," is so robotic, so void of actual enthusiasm, that I can't help but think doesn't give a shit and just knew that this would be a hit regardless of how much effort he put into it.

It's at this point in the review that I start questioning the validity of even trying to critique a Black Eyed Peas song in the first place. This is, after all, the same group that released "Where Is The Love". And while "My Humps" turned out to be a minimalist cult monster (in the best sense of the adjective), I can't think back to one other track they've released where it's possible to pull out any kind of substance or motive. BEP is a hit machine ("Boom Boom Pow" is still number one on the charts since I wrote about it so long a go), and I just can't figure out why. My best guess is that they are one of the most unoffensive pop groups in recent memory (again, excluding "My Humps") but they masquerade as modern rule-breakers on the cutting edge, which gives them a broader appeal among the kiddie crowd.

"I Gotta Feeling" is going to be popular for a long, long time, so strap yourselves in and get ready for a long summer of hearing this everywhere you go. You know that song they play at the club that signals it's about time to go home, a mantle formerly held by whichever tune Bob Sinclair had released most recently? This is what "I Gotta Feeling" represents for me. I've never been so happy to live in a small town without any clubs around.

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Marlene said...

Wow, I loved the critique.

You totally nailed it, I mean at this point who cares about BEP? Butyou gave enough reasons to defend your post and everything.

And yeah, I was kind of excited about the new material, but I just feel that everyone in the band is in their own business and about Will.I.Am I think he just sit in front of his protools when he is bored. I think his just producing serial shit since Fergie's album.

Love your blog!