Thursday, June 4, 2009

Billboard Thursday: Young Money Feat. Lil Wayne, Drake, Jae Millz, Gutta, & Mack Maine - "Every Girl"

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I think this was originally Lil Weezy's track (which would make sense, since he dominates it) but Billboard says it's a Young Money song, and I'm far too tired to dispute this fact. I just read in a YouTube comment that Lil Wayne is Young Money, which is fucking with my head even more. Apparently it features a bunch of other people, but like I said, Billboard just lists it as Young Money***. Doesn't matter, it's taken about two spins for this to become one of my favourite songs of 2009. One could argue that I throw that line around too arbitrarily, but I would once again respond: tired. My exhausted brain says that this is hitting all its pleasure centres, and who am I to argue with my subconscious.

It's just so...joyous. If we look at the actual premise of the song ("I wish I could fuck every girl in the world") by itself, it sounds pretty misogynist. Put it over the rolling synths that make you feel like you're drowning in rainbow lollipops, and it sounds straight up complimentary. "We like her / And we like her too," the chorus chimes like everyone is at a summer cookout. This isn't degrading women, it's just a group of guys discussing what makes them happy. They wish they could fuck every girl in the world. They aren't discriminating whatsoever here. Every woman reading this: each member of Young Money wishes he could fuck you, but in the nicest way possible. "I would fuck with all y'all / All y'all are beautiful / I just can't pick one / So you can never say I'm choosy, ho's." See?

This track is so 2009. Saying "I wish I could fuck you" is the new generation's way of saying "you look pretty in that dress". That's probably not true, but "Every Girl" makes me feel like it is because all of these lyrics ("Open up her legs to filet mignon that pussy") are said with such a giant smile that I picture Weezy turning to Drake after this and just high-fiving merrily before frolicking through a field together. This song is entrancing.

I really don't know what else to say about "Every Girl". It makes me happy, and that's all I can ask for with mainstream music these days. There are so many great one-liners that I couldn't possibly take the time to go through all of them here (but seriously, "In about three years, holla at me Miley Cyrus," might be the funniest line I've ever heard within the context its delivered). Just take a listen, and let it improve your mood. Despite being about wanting sleep with every woman on the planet, this track somehow manages to have universal appeal. And that's incredible.

Summer jam officially found.

Young Money Feat. Lil Wayne, Drake, Jae Millz, Gutta, & Mack Maine - "Every Girl" (Download)

*** According to Wikipedia, Young Money is the record label (owned by Lil Wayne) that all the artists involved reside under. I live under a rock when it comes to record labels.

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haha great post, and def a summer anthem.